Enterprise Mobile CRM

We offer an Enterprise Mobile CRM for subscription. Our CRM is built to mobilize your whole employee workforce including those employees who travel outside the office boundary

Lead Management

Track and Manage your Sales Leads.

  • Capture Leads

  • Track and Manage Sales Leads

Sales & Target

Manage your sales and collections, assign targets to your team and track how they are doing against their KPIs.

  • Track and Manage Sales Leads

  • Capture Secondary & Tertiary Sales

  • Set Sales targets

  • Track Achievements

  • Review Product Catalogues

  • Check-In at Customer Site

  • Track and Manage Sales Leads

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Attendance & Leave

Get your team's attendance from anywhere along with their Geo Location, so you know exactly where they are.

  • Attendance with Geo Tagging

  • Attendance with Selfie

  • Fully configurable

  • Geo Fence an Attendance location

  • Leave application

  • Leave Approvals

Live Tracking

Track your team wherever they are, see who they are meeting and till what time.

  • Track your team real time on Google maps

  • Track individual team members in real time

  • Track where they are marking their attendance from

  • Track their Check Ins

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Get a real-time picture of your business at a glance. And access your reports and dashboards from anywhere

  • Merchant Dashboards

  • View Dashboards at various levels in your organization

  • Track KPIs at various levels

  • Get a full view of the health of the company

  • See who is performing and who is not

  • Helps in making the right decision

Route Planning

Plan the customer/site visits of your team in advance and then track them as they move around.

  • Create your teams weekly or daily Route / Journey plans

  • Manage Route / Journey Plans for your team

  • See who has missed which appointment

  • Track their movements daily

  • Plan the journeys for optimum output

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