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Concordus Applications is a Systems Integrator that is focused on building a connected world by offering innovative, smart and cost-effective solutions. Our products aim to automate the business processes used for various Users in industries like the Communications Channel, Retail, Health care etc. We offer end-to-end services for software design, build, maintenance and support and we work across technology domains, platforms, infrastructure and tools.

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Subscription-based SaaS Solution for Digital Transformation

Demand for Software as a Service (SaaS) is accelerating and is currently five times (5X) the demand for on premise applications. Vice President Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Tiffany Bova, in a recent Harvard Business Review article "Solving the Seller's Dilemma" states that "All companies are going to become digital companies".

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Channel Focus

We are a Channel entity and understand it well. We know that it is extremely difficult for Channel businesses to invest in the necessary platforms to develop and maintain their own proprietary marketing automation, sales enablement, provisioning, billing, and other back office systems. So, our offerings are focused on the Channel and fulfilling its unique needs.

Convergent Billing

Provide channel partners with the ability to aggregate, integrate, bundle, manage and send out one bill under their own brand to their customers for customized multi-vendor solutions utilizing internal and third-party products and services. Providing a single customer bill can increase user experience, reduce churn, and help create relevant niche markets where larger competitors find it difficult to compete.

Seamless Marketing-as-a-Service

Per the industry trade association CompTIA, the single most prevalent roadblock affecting the channel is the lack of marketing systems, resources and talent. Marketing-as-a-Service helps companies plan and manage marketing intensive activities such as landing page creation, campaigns design, nurture marketing, lead scoring, lead distribution, and marketing analytics.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Having a centralized and standardized marketplace that incorporates social and mobile increases marketing exposure and creates more efficient sales process. Creating a platform like LinkedIn makes it easier for onboarding and can provide the ability to discover, compare, implement, and manage cost effective, integrated, and managed communication products and services for end users. One system also makes it simpler to bundle, Up-sell & Cross-Sell various services for value-added applications and for vertical markets.

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Pre-Populated Product Catalog

Subscribers to the platform will have access to a central catalog that allows for reciprocal trading so that each individual subscriber can offer and control which products and services are available to other subscribers of the platform.

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Complete Channel Ecosystem

Concordus delivers a brand-able and unique value proposition to all participants in the ecosystem (carriers, application developers, content providers, distributors, master agents, independent sales representatives, partners, and customers). Stakeholders all interact with one version of the truth which drastically reduces time and effort required to fill orders and generate income.

Pre-Integrated Solution and managed APIs

We no longer simply buy technology software or hardware; we plug into a growing open ecosystem of API-driven services that connect applications and developers. Service providers offering API innovation, design, strategy, and services are creating a true competitive advantage and fostering continuous innovation through partners. API development and management is one of core Concordus Apps' competencies and we specialize in using APIs to deliver meaningful solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing

The cost of managing back office processes can often be done more efficiently when outsourced to a provider that is fully automated and has a critical amount of transaction to focus on individual task and to complete them more efficiently. We offer a specialized Service bureau for the Channel's BPO needs.

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