Our Mission

Concordus Applications is a Systems Integrator that is focused on building a connected world by offering innovative, smart and cost-effective solutions.Our products aim to automate the business processes used for various Users in industries like the Communications Channel, Retail, Health care etc. We offer end-to-end services for software design, build, maintenance and support and we work across technology domains, platforms, infrastructure and tools.

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Culture & Values

  • Customers at heart – Serve our Customer smarter and quicker
  • Sharper and more powerful Digital offerings
  • Offer more comprehensive solutions – Different services offered individually or in easy, cost-effective bundles
  • Richer support for customers
  • Deliver comprehensive solutions to different Customers – Consumers, VARs, SOHO, SMEs, Corporates and Wholesale


The following are the key goals that we strive for in everything we do:

Understand the Business needs

The very first thing we do is to develop an understanding of the business objectives and the business processes that are used to deliver those objectives.

Select the right Solution

Select the right technology and the right solution components to deliver these business objectives. We use technology that is recent but mature. If "n" is the latest release of a software, we usually prefer the "n-1" version as that typically has gone through a period of bug-fixing and stabilization.

Deliver Results

We are all about successful delivery. We care about Customer satisfaction and go out of our way to ensure our Customers are happy to continue engaging us for a long time.

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Dedicated Support
We provide automated, precise and comprehensive Production support. We support aggressive SLAs as we use smart Monitoring and self-healing software.


We are a team of Technology lovers that have significant experience in different technologies, software methodologies and industry domains viz. Telecommunications, Government, Financials (Banking, Finance and Insurance) etc.

Here's a summary of the experience some of our key resources have


  • Program Managers
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Analysts
  • Solutions Architect
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Infrastructure Engineers/System Admins




Testing Team:

  • Test Manager With 15 years of international experience of the Test delivery of up to $70 million programs across various organizations in the US, India, China, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Test Leads This is a group of Test leaders who manage team of Test analysts and lead the planning of Test strategy and Test cases.
  • Test Analysts We have a team of smart Test Analysts who are keen to do a great job in executing Test cases.


Integration Team

  • Integration Manager: 20+ years' experience in design, development, solution and management of integration solutions. Has a long history of delivering successful integration projects over the years across different roles, technologies, industries and development methodologies.
  • Integration Architect:  With 15+ Years of experience in Integration Architecture, the Concordus Architect is an invaluable asset for our team and our Customers. He has integrated mainframe systems, Enterprise systems built on Java or .Net technologies and covering modules like the CRM, Customer Portals, Billing, ERP etc. His skills include a range of popular SOA platforms and web services architectures. In most Concordus projects, the Integration Architect gets involved from the concept stage and remains engaged all the way through to implementation and post implementation support.
  • Senior Integration Developers:We have a small team of Senior Integration Developers, each with 10+ years' experience in Integration projects.

    We also have young blood in our team, each of which has been hand-picked for their talent and right attitude for delivering complex Integration projects. 




Analytics Team

  • Data Scientists   We have a team of highly-qualified and proficient Data scientists on our team. These resources are experts in the use of Data Analytics, Data Mining with descriptive inferential statistics and predictive analytics.
  • Data Mining Engineers Our Data Mining engineers are highly experienced Data mining rock stars that are conversant with the concepts, tools and methodology of this line.
  • Data Analysts   Our Data Analysts have a passion for understanding data and extracting the hidden gems from it with a view to deliver to the Customer's business objectives

Cloud Specialists

  • We have Cloud experts on the team who have worked extensively with Cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure etc. We know how to use these Cloud infrastructures in the most secure, high performance and cost-optimized manner.